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Little River Bank Loans: What We Offer

Little River Bank offers favorable loans for people with any credit history! We are happy to provide loans to anyone who needs them. After all, credit history is not everything. People make mistakes; no one is immune from this, and we at our bank understand this very well. All our loans have a fixed rate, are simple interest, and have no pre-payment penalty.

Personal Loan

Personal loans are good for everything. With them, you can make repairs in the house, fix the car, buy new household appliances, celebrate a wedding, or go on vacation. If you do not know what kind of loan you need – choose a personal one.

Auto loan

We offer auto loans for buying more than just cars. With our auto loan, you can buy a motorcycle, a boat, or a motorhome. With our low-interest rates, you can afford any type of transport. We provide loans for both new and used vehicles.


It doesn’t matter if you want to buy a plot of land, a ready-made house, or a cozy apartment. Our mortgages are suitable for any property! We’ll find the mortgage loan program to suit your particular needs. Our loan officers will help you determine the mortgage loan amount you can qualify for.

Home Equity Loan

This loan is exactly what you need if you need a large amount. Whether you want to consolidate debts or invest in your own business, it doesn’t matter – we are ready to help you. We’ll be glad to tell you how much of a home equity loan you qualify for based on the current market value of your home.

Loans For Bad Credit

Bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan! We are ready for any difficulties because not everything goes smoothly in life. Contact our loan department, and we will help you find a loan that suits you!

Agricultural Loan

Buying a farm or preparing to grow crops? We want to offer you our help because we know what difficult but extremely important work it is. Therefore, with us, you will find support at any stage: from financing your agricultural land to buying production materials or equipment.

Business Loan

For your hobby to grow into a real business, you need not only desire but also capital. That’s because Little River Bank provides business loans. We want to support what comes from the heart, and we are ready to help people who start their own businesses in every possible way.